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Clem Toys

Puzzle conserver, old

Clem Toys, Puzzle-Conserver, alt.jpg

The conserver was included within the puzzle 4000 Castel del monte.


Scraper for puzzle glue

Spachtel Clementoni.jpg

The scraper can be used to apply the puzzle glue onto the surface of the puzzle and it is about 10 cm wide. As attachment e.g. within 6000 San Francisco.

Puzzle glue

Puzzlekleber Clementoni.jpg

On the rear side of the box is a note for the use of the glue. As attachment e.g. within 6000 San Francisco.


Puzzle glue, old

Puzzlekleber Ravensburger alt.jpg

The small case with the powder is only a little bit larger than a lump sugar. It is not recommended to put the jigsaw puzzle on paper before gluing.

Certificate of guarantee, DIN A5, 2007

Ravensburger Garantieschein 1.jpg
Ravensburger Garantieschein 2.jpg

Attachment within the puzzle 500 Zion National Park, Utah.

Congratulation, DIN A5, 1990

Ravensburger Glueckwunsch 1.jpg
Ravensburger Glueckwunsch 2.jpg

Attachment within the puzzle 3000 Sonnenuntergang am Palmenstrand (2).

Addresses, 1990

Ravensburger Adressen.jpg

Attachment within the puzzle 5000 Historische Weltkarte (1).


Positioner for the cover of the box

Trefl Aufsteller.jpg

The positioner only needs stick together, that the box stands a little bit slanting:

Trefl Aufsteller1.jpg

Puzzle mats

Roll your Puzzle, Ravensburger

Roll your Puzzle.jpg

Felt mat as a support and for reeling up puzzles up to 1.500 pieces for transport or stowing.


  • antiskid felt (118 x 66 cm)
  • inflatable roll
  • 2 elastic straps


  • Ravensburger, 2009, ArtNr: 17959, GTIN: 4005556179596