1000 Magic Mirror

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Data Picture of box Picture of puzzle
Pieces 1000
Pieces, real 1000
Title, ger. (Zauberspiegel)
Title, eng. Magic Mirror
Title, others Toverspiegel
Mirroir magique
Specchio magico
Espejo mágico
Genres Arts
Producer PuzzelMan
Article number no ArtNr.
GTIN-Code 5425014568332
Released Year unknown
Artist M.C. Escher
Shape Landscape
Box PuzzelMan
Size [cm] 68,0 x 48,5
Size [Pieces] 40 x 25
State Quality data Quality box picture Quality puzzle picture
1000 Magic Mirror.jpg
1000 Magic Mirror1.jpg
1946 Litho
All M.C. Escher works copyright © The M.C. Escher Company B.V, Baarn, Holland